“Guy is a very intelligent and versatile professional that knows the auto industry very well. He is charismatic and trustworthy; I have had business dealings and a personal friendship with Guy for many years. I would highly recommend him and would enjoy doing business with him again in the future.”

Troy Cavallaro, CEO
Pelican Auto Finance

In The World of Banking & Automotive Finance

In the business world and especially in the finance and portfolio segments, it’s critical to work with people and companies that have a solid track record, a high integrity level, and a “get it done” attitude that looks out for every party in the transaction. Brolin Guy Capital and their team members have a reputation for being a premier company in this segment.


“Guy is a sales and marketing visionary that knows how to get things done, define and achieve the mission, and motivate people. He is a rare combination of intellect, savvy and practical experience.”

Steve Levine, Chief Legal Officer
Ignite Consulting Partners


“Guy possesses excellent sales leadership and product development skills. He has a unique ability to take a vision and translate it into an effective brand, product/service, and sales strategy. He is well recognized in the auto finance and media industries, and is a pleasure to work with as well.”

Danny Martinez
Auto Finance Executive & Blinker Inc. Board Member


“It’s has been a true pleasure to deal with Guy O’Brien. We have dealt with him on more than 15 transactions and he has always made the selling process easy and treated us very fairly on the purchases. I would not hesitate to recommend his services to anyone looking to move paper.”

Mark Jones, CEO


Guy provided outstanding training for our sales team, to quote one of our more tenured employees… his training was the best and most practical I have experienced in over 10 years. He has a unique ability to uncover client needs and present to their hot buttons. The greatest endorsement was the requests from my office to invite him back multiple times.”

Randy Hatch, President
Michaels Wilder, Inc.


“Guy is one of the best I’ve worked with in the auto finance industry at creating value and solving problems for others. Guy’s creativity and drive towards accomplishing a goal serves him and his clients well. I have enjoyed working with Guy over the past few years, and look forward to working with him well into the future. If you have a need, I highly recommend you get Guy involved.”

Gary Perdue, CEO
Peritus Portfolio Services LLC


“Guy is an unbelievable sales trainer. The training he provided for my staff was invaluable. I speak for my whole company when I say it was the most motivational and insightful sales training course we have ever had.”

Dave Wolf, Managing Partner/Owner
Linkmedia 360

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